Orthodontic treatment is greatly enhanced with Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs. When used with braces, TADs to give extra support for difficult situations. The TAD is the small silver screw that is placed in the gum. In case you are wondering, TADs don’t hurt to place, maintain or remove. I recently removed a TAD from a patients mouth and it didn’t hurt at all.  Here are three pictures that show in sequence while removing the TAD.  Did I mention that TADs are usually painless and they don’t bleed hardly at all (except for right where the TAD was placed.)  There is a small open portion that healed completely in 2-3 weeks. This time frame is much faster than when a primary tooth is lost.   TADs are a free service with orthodontic treatment in both our Salt Lake Office and our District – South Jordan Office.

TAD removal Jonathan Davies 2015-01-05 1

TAD removal Jonathan Davies 2015-01-05 2

TAD removal Jonathan Davies 2015-01-05 3