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Chipped or Grinded Teeth? Braces Can Help.

Recently in my District office in South Jordan, UT., a patient came with uneven, rough, and jagged 4 front teeth. The edges of the front 4 teeth definitely appeared chipped and damaged with sharp angles. The central on the patients left has a large chunk that has chipped off in the center of the […]

TADs Can Help to Bring Impacted Teeth Into Your Smile

TADscan be use as a healthy way to bring an impacted tooth like this left canine into your smile. It is used to hold the left premolar next to the impacted canine tooth in place. A wire is placed between the TAD and the bracket on premolar tooth to give the premolar more stability […]

TAD’s are Excellent at Closing Spaces

When there is a space from a missing tooth that needs to be closed, there are new innovations that can be used.  TAD’s are a great treatment that does the job efficiently. TAD’s are quick, and easy to place. They are painless the entire time they are in and easy to take out.
I have […]