Temporary Anchorage Devices or TAD’s are a very useful tool in helping to get a perfect bite. I have used TAD’s to help close spaces in both the Maxilla (upper jaw) and Mandible (lower jaw) In the picture below I have a patient from my District office (on the Border of Riverton, Herriman and South Jordan, Ut.) with a TAD to close the missing tooth on the right side of his upper jaw. The TAD is the screw and a spring is attached to the TAD on one side and to the molar on the other side. I have placed a lever arm on the molar to help it move the root forward as well.

TAD’s don’t hurt to insert, use or take out. They are very easy to keep clean and they don’t irritate the gums or surrounding tissue. TAD treatment can be a very good choice to help close any spaces from missing teeth. Another possible method of treatment would be an implant.

TAD and Lever Arm on Molar

TAD and Lever Arm on Molar 2