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Lingual Braces

We usually place traditional metal braces on the front of the teeth, but they can also be placed on the back of the teeth, for example, with Lingual braces. Lingual braces are an excellent bracket and archwire orthodontic treatment, but it is more discreet than traditional metal braces.

Lingual Braces South Jordan Dr. Young District Orthodontics Traditional Braces and Invisalign Clear Aligners. Orthodontist in South Jordan, UT 84095

What are Lingual Braces?

Traditional metal and ceramic braces are placed on the front side of the teeth or the buccal side, while we place lingual braces on the backside or lingual side. Lingual braces can treat most of the conditions that traditional buccal braces can treat. The one exception is severe overbites, the only dental condition that lingual braces cannot treat. 

Are Lingual Braces More Affordable?

Lingual braces may be more affordable than ceramic braces or clear aligners. The affordability of the treatment depends on your specific dental concerns and goals. 

How are Lingual Braces Placed?

Lingual braces are placed similarly to traditional metal braces:

  1. Dr. Young will ask you to visit the office for a consultation appointment. During this visit, he will ask you about your treatment goals and examine your teeth.
  2. Your orthodontist will take an x-ray of your teeth. During the appointment where they place the lingual braces on your teeth, they will first place brackets on each tooth with bonding gel.
  3. Dr. Young will attach the frames with an archwire.

We will tighten the archwire at each appointment, which will help align your smile. 

Lingual Braces Advantages

There are several advantages to lingual braces, from discreet appearance to excellent treatment outcomes. Many patients at District Orthodontics of South Jordan have transformed the health and appearance of their smiles with lingual braces. 


Many patients choose lingual braces because they are more discreet than traditional metal braces. Some patients find more self-confidence because their braces are harder to see. Additionally, many patients find discoloration on their teeth where the brackets are located after treatment with traditional braces. Discoloration often does not happen with lingual braces because the frames are on the back of the teeth. Additionally, if discoloration does occur, it is less visible. 

Continuous Treatment

Lingual braces are one of the only discrete orthodontic treatments that continuously straighten your teeth. Clear aligners are another type of discrete orthodontic treatment. However, they only straighten your teeth 20 – 22 hours a day. 

Treat Complex Conditions

Unlike clear aligners that only treat minor dental concerns, lingual braces can treat most orthodontic conditions. These conditions include bite concerns, misaligned teeth, and more. The severe overbite is the only state for which lingual braces may not be suited. 

Caring for Lingual Braces

The care for lingual braces is similar to that for traditional metal braces. You should follow the same precautions as with conventional metal braces. People with lingual braces should avoid eating chewy, hard, and sticky foods. These foods can quickly get stuck between teeth and the braces leading to an increased risk of dental decay. 

People with traditional and lingual braces should brush their teeth more often than people without braces. At District Orthodontics of South Jordan, Dr. Young recommends that patients with lingual braces brush their teeth daily and after each meal. Patients should also pay close attention to flossing. Flossing with lingual braces is important because floss can remove plaque and debris from your teeth, resulting in tooth decay. 

Lingual Braces in South Jordan, Utah

Lingual braces are an excellent option for many patients who want to improve their teeth’ health and appearance. Lingual braces have many advantages over traditional metal braces with a discreet appearance. Call our office today for more information about lingual braces or to schedule an appointment.